Handmade pottery created by Susan Gerr of Birch Mountain Pottery

Handmade pottery and pottery classes and workshops by Susan Gerr of Birch Mountain Pottery


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Artist Statement

My work in clay, over the past 28 years, has been a steady development and unfolding of artistic evolution. It has become my vehicle for navigating the course from inward reflection to outward expression.

I have come to realize that what is most important to me is the feeling a piece of pottery expresses, through its form, color and energy. Although there is not a specific subject matter my work relates to, I am certain that my environment, the things I love, and everyday experiences make slow, constant impressions on me and unconsciously find their way into my work.

I work with contrasting elements – smooth vs. textured surfaces, glazed vs. unglazed areas, and controlled vs. altered forms. By combining and balancing these seemingly conflicting elements, I strive to produce pieces that have a sense of strength and stability, as well as a certain vitality, aliveness and beauty. Equally important to me is the satisfaction of creating pieces enjoyed by people for daily use.



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